Engaging internal stakeholders

REIMS assigns a team specifically for each expressed need. We get to know you - your strengths, challenges, history, and current needs - and we get to know your business. Together with your project lead, we define the problem and create goals to solve it.

Reviewing your current situation with benchmarks for success

In this phase, we compare your existing scene to the ideal scene - where are you now and where do you want to be? We identify specific gaps, set benchmarks for success, outline measurable targets, and we design, propose and select analytics tools.

Implementing your solution and managing change.

REIMS stays with you every step of the way while your solution is rolling out, guiding implementation, tweaking elements of the plan as we get feedback from the team and stakeholders, and measuring success using custom analytics. This aspects for the continuous support will involve site visits post regulatory inspections, communication on new regulation, advices and analysis post reception of letters, calls or compliance solicitations from regulatory and governmental bodies

Ours Targets

Private Sector companies: oil and Gas - Network Operators, Small and Mediums Size Enterprises and Parastatal Companies, Decentralized collectivities and their support institutions, Public Institutions (Ministries) and International Organizations, Any corporate or individual that requires our support in being more mindful.

Ours Services